Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Allergies are exceptionally common in the United States — according to the College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology, over 50 million people nationwide suffer from some sort of allergy. What is tricky is that allergies can usually mask themselves as other symptoms, such as a cold, a sinus infection, and/or a scratchy throat, so most suffers are unaware of what really ails them! This is where our allergy testing clinic in Houston can be helpful.

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Allergy Testing, Explained 

The most popular form of allergy testing is a skin test. In order to determine which method is best for you, our medical professionals will give you a consultation. They’ll ask questions in order to narrow down which allergens you may have a reaction to, then these allergens will be mixed with a liquid and injected right underneath the top layer of your skin. The pokes feel similar to a slight pinprick.
Once the allergens are injected, your skin will be closely monitored to see if your skin reacts. Usually, a reaction is in the form of a red, swollen bump that may be itchy and slightly tender. 
Depending on the results of the first skin test, you may need to have a second test, where allergens are injected deeper into your skin. This tends to happen if your skin does not react with the small amount of allergen injected the first time, as some people may need a bit more of the allergen in their systems to cause a negative reaction. 
Throughout your entire allergy testing appointment, you should not feel any pain. After the testing is finished and your skin is evaluated, you will be given an antihistamine medication to alleviate any adverse skin reactions. Your doctor will then go over your results and develop the best course of treatment for your specific needs.

Interested in knocking those sniffles and watery eyes to the curb?

Our medical professionals at Voss Family Clinic can help — contact us to set up an allergy testing appointment today.

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Voss Family Clinic (formally Known as Khan Medical) is a Primary Care facility in Sugar Land well known for providing exceptional care for the entire family. Our services include treating acute and chronic illnesses along with sick visits and sport physicals. Additionally, we are now offering PCR Molecular COVID 19 testing that qualifies for air travel with results in 24 hours.”
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Needed to get a covid test for travel and took a chance on this clinic. They were professional and super efficient, 11 AM appointment and done by 11:15. Had results in 24 hrs . Everyone is friendly and happy to take the time to explain and answer questions. Great experience. Thank you all. This would be 6 stars if they accepted my insurance.
Anthony Virgona

Great services, working very professionally, very clean and safe environment , staff is very pleasant and professional. I did my COVID-19 test . Results came as they promised. I highly recommend this clinic
Sumbal Rashid

Excellent! Five stars for the service, very professional staff, accommodating and very well managed. During the times of Covid-19 this place has proven to ensure all health and safety precautionary measures are taken very seriously and in car service is quick and the results are given within 24 hours. 100% satisfied and highly recommend.
S Toosy

Very organized and accommodating to patient needs. Great patient care and professional office. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. I felt very safe. Thanks, Voss family clinic
reza rahgozar